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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I use an Independent Insurance Agent? 

A: Independent agents are not contractually obligated to any one insurance company. By being independent, we offer you choice—tailoring price, service and coverage to fit your individual needs. By representing more than one insurance company, we have access to the finest insurance products, best coverage, and the right prices.

Q: When should I check or update my insurance coverage? 

A: As our lives continue to change, our insurance needs change as well. Make sure to contact your insurance agent during any life changing event to make sure your coverage reflects what's going on in your life.

The most common times to change/update your coverage include: 
  • Remodeling/Updating Your Property 
  • When your teenager is ready to drive
  • New swimming pool
  • Change in work location
  • Retirement
  • Vehicle change
  • Home or Auto Refinancing
  • Marriage and New Baby
  • Purchasing Valuables
  • Home Business 

Q: How Can I Avoid Deer Collisions? 

A: We hear it all the time, but it is important to drive with extreme caution to avoid deer collisions. Always wear your seatbelt, stay awake, and stay alert. Most deer collisions occur during the later months, October, November and December. Peak times are during the night hours. Deer often travel in groups, if you see one crossing the road, there could be more deer following. Don't swerve to avoid a deer, instead hit the deer while maintaining control of your vehicle. Swerving could cause you to collide with another car or you could lose control of your car causing a worse wreck. If you do hit a deer and you are not sure if the deer is dead, keep your distance. If the deer is blocking the roadway, contact local law enforcement to help before the deer causes another accident. 

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